Top World Cruise Packages and Destinations

A cruise vacation offers a different experience from the traditional inland vacations. There are many great sea destinations you can visit and a lot of classic on-board activities that you will enjoy on the ship. When planning your cruise holiday, make a point of getting a ship going to any of the top world cruise destinations below.

1. Barbados

Barbados has everything you will require in a tropical island. With tropical breezes, hot sun and clean beaches, it is the ultimate gateway for people who need a break from the busy city life. Popular beaches on the island include Gibbs Beach, Batts Rock, Folkestone Park, Paynes Bay among others. Apart from these, there are many historical sites in Bridgetown that will make your vacation memorable.

2. Virgin Islands

These US islands have an unspoiled charm and sophistication and offer fascinating holidays for the whole family. Apart from the white sandy beaches, visitors have a variety of water sports to engage in including wind surfing, swimming, snorkeling, rafting and others. World class accommodations adorn the pristine beaches.

3. French Riviera

This spectacular island on the Mediterranean region has many things to offer. The island has a scenic landscape and is popular with both young and senior travelers. Fun is the order or the day on the island as visitors party, sun bathe or engage in different water sports.

4. Alaska

Alaska is a great getaway for a cruise vacation, just make sure you carry enough warm clothing during your trip. If you are looking for a destination with superb scenery, this is the place to be. There are steep beautiful mountains and great ice capes awaiting you in Alaska. If you can, head to Mt. McKinley, the continent's highest peak, and see how far ahead you can see!

5. Australia/New Zealand

An Australian and New Zealand combination cruise vacation is one you should include in your vacation plans. The two countries have breathtaking natural jewels and you will love the clean beaches as well as the glaciers. Water sports are in plenty, colorful carnivals are frequently held at the beaches and the nightlife is a vibrant one.

6. Cayman Islands

This is the place to see underwater reefs, historical shipwrecks and enjoy soft white sand. The Caymans offer visitors spectacular sites to see, great shopping bargains and elusive Caribbean charm. Whether you love the outdoors or prefer indoor activities, you will love the Cayman Islands.

The above are some of the top cruise destinations in the world. Apart from these, other notable destinations include Hong Kong, Norway, Aruba and the Panama Canal. Find out from your local cruise travel agent the best times to visit any of the above world cruise destinations.

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