Practical Tips When Packing For Family Cruises

If you’re a globetrotter, you must know the value of traveling light, whether it’s by land, sea or air.

As if to say that the ship has become some sort of storage bin for belongings as you go on your sailing spree across glamorous cities and countries around the world. Today, however, you don’t have much choice, more so if you’re bringing the whole family along on family cruises.

For most cruise ships categorized as one-class ships, there are only limited cabins and resting spaces. Therefore, smart packing is what you need to stuff all those things into at least, one suitcase. Yes, you have to have some wonderful expertise in the art of cruising. This, to most travelers, is the one thing they hate. The other one is unpacking.

Nonetheless, a famous American journalist cum traveler residing in New Jersey, is sharing her tips on the proper way of packing for cruise holidays. Arline Bleecker says hers are female-friendly tips which you can keep in mind when packing your bags.

1. To save on attire, pack one outfit for every 2 to 2 1/2 days of travel.
2. Pack lightly if you think of warm-weather cruises. Include a sweater or shawl as most luxury ships are hyper air-conditioned.
3. Sneak in a lightweight thermal underwear rather than bulky garments and warm-up suit if you sail to a cold climate.
4. Just wear home clothes including comfortable shoes like flip-flops for the entire duration of the voyage. Spare a piece or two of formal attire, preferably wrinkle-resistant, for dinners since most luxury cruise liners offer formal dining.
5. Formal wear may be requested, though not required. But certainly you wouldn’t want to feel out of place just because dressing up isn’t your cup of tea.
6. A good mix-and-match set of clothing along with two cocktail dresses are smart choices. Black satin slacks goes well with different tops and some glitzy earrings as well.
7. One swimwear with a cover-up is fine; you might be tempted to go swimming.
8. There might be dusty excursions when you disembark at a certain port of call, so bring rubber-soled walking shoes.
9. If you run out of clothes to wear, avail of the complimentary self-service laundries if you need to wash and iron on your own. If the ship your sailing in has laundry and iron services, then you can pack less items. But you can save on cost with these self-service laundries because just having a pair of socks sent to the paid service might cost you a fortune.
10. Don’t forget the sleepwear, undergarments, hosiery and toiletries. Just to be ready for unexpected rain, include a collapsible umbrella and a carry-all bag for the odds and ends.

According to Bleeker, smart packing saves you a lot not only on porter’s fee, but also a sore back, and most importantly, time. There is no unnecessary waiting with modern luxury cruises unlike in airports when you take the line to claim your check-in belongings. Take heed of these simple and practical tips and you’re sure to enjoy the best luxury cruises.

Practical Tips When Packing For Family Cruises
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Practical Tips When Packing For Family Cruises
Preparing for a world cruise is no exception. Gone are the days of bringing trunks and trunks of outfits to load on ocean liners.