Great Cruise Deals ­- 4 Amazing Freebies On Cruise Ships

Great Cruise Deals – 4 Amazing Freebies On Cruise Ships

Even if most on-deck activities are covered by your ticket price, there are still a few facilities you’ll have to pay for, to enjoy. Hidden fees like souvenir shopping and alcoholic beverages can definitely eat up most of your cruise budget. Our suggestion? Don’t bother.

There are tons of totally-worth-it treats included in the upfront cost of your cruise ticket. Yes, nothing in life is free. That doesn’t necessarily apply to cruises. Great cruise deals always include more than enough freebies to make your vacation totally memorable.

1. Wine and Dine

You can usually get more than three free meals a day, plus snacks, on most cruise ships. Meals in the main restaurant and buffet are generally covered by base fares, with coffee, tea, and non-bottled water included. Some cruise ships will serve the rare free orange juice and milk at breakfast, and others offer shot glasses of wine to sample during gala nights.

Most mainstream ships feature specialty restaurants at an extra fee, and there are some coffee shops that require you to pay a hefty fee for a good cup of coffee. If you want to save money, best to avoid these. The ship’s main restaurant is typically open 24/7, and they do serve a good snack selection in between meals.

2. On-Deck Las Vegas

Dinner-And-A-Show is usually a staple with every cruise ship. Whether it’s a three-day or a week-long cruise, there’s sure to be some form of entertainment during or after dinner. Expect to be blown away by the revue with show-stopping singers and dancers clad in gorgeous costumes against beautifully crafted sets.

If large, loud, and glittery aren’t really your thing, head for the piano bars and jazz lounges on board. These are best for passengers who want to relax to smooth-as-glass music that’s as classy as fine wine. The best thing about cruises is that they also cater to those yearning to be a part of the entertainment. Take advantage of the fee-free offer at karaoke bars, talent shows, and dance clubs.

3. Under The Stars

Have you ever been out on the open sea at night? It’s breathtaking, romantic, and more than a little chilly, perfect for cuddling. Cruises often feature movies every night; on-deck and under the open sky, no less. Cuddle up your loved one as you watch Jack and Rose profess their undying love for the millionth time.

4. Fit And Free On Sea

Most people go on vacations to laze about and lounge around. Nothing wrong with that, but if you’re the active type, that can get old real quick. So, what’s a kinesthetically-amped person like you to do?

Cruise ships have fitness centers, gyms, and pools. Seriously, The amount of fitness equipment on most luxury liners is almost insane. Even the most basic of cruises have more than two gyms and a minimum of three swimming pools. If you’re craving for gym-rat life or you feel like you’ve put on a pound or two (from all those free meals), shrug on your work-out outfit and hit the treadmill.

These are just some of the surcharge-free facilities most cruise ships have to offer. There are also libraries for the bookworms, game centers for the die-hard gamers, and free cabin toiletries for the forgetful packer.

Next time you get the urge to travel and you want to experience a little luxury on-the-go, grab your wallet, your family, and book a cruise online. Avail of holiday packages and group discount rates, and just go. It’s an experience you’ll remember forever.