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Tips For Staying Fit & Healthy While On A Cruise Holiday

Nothing beats the allure of going on a cruise holiday. With multiple destinations, numerous on-board and off-board activities, and plenty of foods and drinks, a cruise holiday is definitely worth considering. But with recent outbreaks of the norovirus, and other deadly diseases, many are starting to get worried about their health and safety when boarding cruise ships. So before you cancel your booking, here are a few helpful tips on how to stay healthy even when on a cruise holiday.
Why The Recent Rash Of Cruise Ship Outbreaks?

With the recent outbreak of rubella, measles and norovirus on some of the major cruise ships last year, the thought of booking great cruise deals may now seem quite risky and pointless. But when you look at the number of people going on 3 or 4-day, or weekend cruises, which went up to an estimated 20 million passengers last year, the risk of encountering an outbreak is quite slim.

World Cruise Packages

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Like any other places on earth, cruise ships can become a hotbed for viruses and bacteria as thousands of people get on board every year. Cruise ships also visit places with poor sanitation records. Thus, when ship passengers drop by certain ports-of-call, and eat at the local restaurants, they could catch a couple of viruses, mold,  mildew and bacteria.

In some of the recent outbreaks on luxury cruises, raw or undercooked oysters, fruits and vegetables have been the culprits. The norovirus for example, is a very contagious and tough virus to contain. It can thrive in extreme temperatures and on different surfaces.
As soon as one person gets infected on luxury cruise ships, the virus or bacteria can quickly pass from one individual to another through hand-shaking, close contact and through shared food and utensils.
Maintaining Good Health Even on a Cruise Ship

While the chances of a person contracting a nasty virus or bacteria while on a group or family holiday on a cruise ship are slim, it would still pay dividends if you take the necessary precautions.

Great Cruise Deals

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One of the best ways to prevent illnesses is to frequently wash your hands with soap and water. Wash before eating, using the bathroom, and before touching railings, door handles and other items. Bring along an alcohol-based hand sanitizer everywhere you go, whether on or off the ship.
At the ship’s ports of call, always make sure you follow all the standard food and water precautions. Check that the food you eat off-board is cooked and served hot, and drink water or other beverages only from sealed containers. If you want to eat fresh fruit or vegetables, make sure you have them washed with clean water, and peel them by yourself.

Cruise Critic

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To protect yourself from respiratory ailments while on a cruise ship, get a seasonal flu shot, sneeze or cough into a tissue, and use a nasal sanitizer to protect against germs and viruses.
Before an illness, or some nasty virus, wrecks your holiday, always follow the simple precautions noted above. To get the best and most price-friendly holiday packages, do your homework in advance. Try comparing the different deals, and consult with your friendly travel agent.

Tips on Saving More Money on Holiday Packages

Spending quality time with your family is very important. This enables you to know what’s happening with your child, spouse and siblings. Moreover, it is a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

One of the great ways to spend time with family is to travel. You can either choose to go on a cruise or visit other relatives and friends. But if you’re taking your children with you, do consider looking for best cruise for kids. This way, you can give them the best childhood ever. Since budget is always a consideration, getting affordable holiday packages may be your best solution. You can still enjoy the trip without worrying of overspending.

Here are some things you can do to save more money on your vacation:

Look for cheap cruise deals

When getting family holiday packages, you need to be patient. Since promos and discount offers are always unannounced, checking the cruise liners’ website as often as you can, will be your best option.

It will be also be best to travel during the off-peak season since the prices for packages are very low. Upon booking a cruise, make sure that you have no important events coming up that will make you cancel the trip or miss the event.

Pack light

Before hopping on luxury cruise ships, chances are, you may need to fly to the country or place where you can get on-board the ship. Hence, packing light will be good as you no longer have to worry about paying for the excess baggage when flying.

Make sure though that you have brought all your essentials. When you have kids, bring a lot of extra clothes and toiletries as they may really come in handy. Of course, you must never forget to bring sunblock. Although the cruise ship sells this product, you can expect that the prices are doubled.

On the other hand, if you will run out of clothes, you can either wash it in your room or you can buy cheap t-shirts during your trip.

Choose a cheap room

Cheap rooms in modern luxury celebrity cruises do not have the best view of the ocean. However, you are not staying the whole day in your room anyway, so it would be best to get it.

Perhaps during daytime, you will be roaming around the cruise ship to enjoy their amenities as well as go up the roof deck to enjoy the fresh air. Aside from that, when it is time to take excursions on the land, you will only be staying there at night.

Pack candies and biscuits

Make sure to pack candies and biscuits if you’re bringing kids with you. By doing so, you never have to buy inside the ship when they get hungry. Since meals in the ship are part of the package, let your kids eat a lot during meal times so you will never have to buy more food.

Getting great cruise deals is truly the best way to spend quality time with your family. Always remember, it is not bad to spend for family vacations since the time you can spend with your kids is practically short. When they grow up and move out from your home, it’ll be hard to get hold of them.

Holiday Packages – 7 Tips To Stay Fit And Safe While Cruising

Cruising these days have become less expensive that even middle class families can afford it. Plus, it gives the opportunity to get up close and personal with fantastic scenery. It’s really fun to go on family friendly cruises with the plethora of exciting activities on board.

With great cruise deals, you won’t have to worry about where to get money to spend for the use of pools, water slides, entertainment, and lots more. All these are already provided for, apart from food, when you’re going on the best family cruise holiday.

7 Tips On How To Stay Safe And Healthy On A Cruise

Nevertheless, cruise liners are not exempted from the challenges and risks especially with regards to  health and safety on board. Floating hotels as they are called, cruises can be a catch basin for infectious diseases.

We’re sharing with you these safety and health tips so you can get the most of your cruise vacations.

1. Use hand sanitizers generously.

It’s a relief to know that cruise companies are conscious about health as most often, hand sanitizer dispensers are placed at the entrance to shipboard restaurants. If you’re traveling with the entire family, always encourage everyone to wash their hands with soap and water or use the hand sanitizer.

2. Pack a disinfectant.

It’s wise to bring a Clorox disinfectant along with your luggage. Pour it on a piece of cloth to wipe doorknobs and the TV remote.

3. Check out the quality of the food being served.

Food is always kept chilled in celebrity cruise ships especially those served for outdoor buffet. Don’t eat anything with mayo like potato salad since that has been sitting in the sun for quiet a while.

4. Pack along energy or protein bars for everyone.

You’ll never know you’ll be stuck in the tarmac without any edible thing available. When you travel, always keep a pack of granola bars in case of grumbling tummies while you’re sightseeing or adventuring in the port of call.

Known worldwide, granola is a crisply baked breakfast and snack food which consists of nuts, rolled oats, honey, and sometimes puffed rice. It has a loose, breakfast cereal-type consistency. It’s good to have something to fill your tummies while fresh food is running slim during your inland excursion.

5. Bring your own towel.

Towels are useful especially when you’re at the fitness center. Use it to shield yourself from seats and backs of machines in on-board gyms.

6. Include packing headlamps and mini flash lights for every family member.

In case of power loss in the cruise ship, you’ll still be able to navigate dim stairwells and hallways, and to get around your state room in the dark.

7. Make sure everyone in your brood joins the best cruise line’s safety drill at the start of each itinerary. Check with the kids if they know what to do and where to go in case of an emergency. Likewise, know where the lifeboat station is.

So, before buying those great cruise deals, always make a background check on the customer service record of the cruise line. It’s good to travel knowing that you’re in safe hands. Browse the pages of this site for more of our practical tips while sailing the seas.

5 Good Reasons For Going On Family Cruise Holidays

Sun. Fun. Relaxation. You get all these and more from cruise vacations. Let loose and enjoy all you can on a holiday cruise. Yes, cruises are a great way to make your holidays memorable and enjoyable as well.

Get away from the humdrum of daily urban living. Go on cruise holidays, and forget about your worries for a while. With great holiday packages, all you’ll ever think of is to explore the best destinations via this round-the-world journey of a lifetime. You’ll never be left wanting in the best trips as there’s certainly something for all tastes and ages.

Why Family Cruise Holidays?

Why should you go on a cruise? Travelers may vary in their reasons as there are several different types of cruises being offered.  Here are five good reasons for sailing and see which could be yours, too.

1. Experience Romance


A cruise is the perfect venue to celebrate your wedding at the same time honeymoon; a fantasy you have long kept within and is set to become real. Or, celebrate your daughter’s birthday like a royal where she will be treated like a princess. Everything you need will be catered to. You get all the pampering, so that means your all concentration would be centered around your lovey-dovey.

2. Offer of Variety


Needless to say, a wide range of events are scheduled on board, for young and old alike. If you’re traveling with your family or in a group, it’s like everyone is concerned only about entertaining one’s self, but in truth, all of you are having a great time together at sea.

You won’t have to worry about kids as they have their own time making friends and joining the fun and educational activities. Simultaneously, you can join other adults in the casino, by the pool or in the fitness gym.

3. For Fun and Adventure


Most travelers look forward to an adventure, whether on the high seas or in the hinterlands. Orca whales, the pyramids in Egypt, exotic street food in Asian cities, fine sandy beaches along the Caribbean. Whatever will fancy you and your kids, the best cruises offer a real sense of adventure that lets you explore the most exotic and intriguing destinations of the world. You wouldn’t want to miss out on any of them, would you?

4. Exquisite Cuisine


It’s not everyday that you get to experience a new culinary experience or fine dining. On board are fabulous eateries that you can try for once in your life.

Although dining is already included in the ship’s main restaurant and buffet, still, it wouldn’t hurt your pocket to get a taste of the cooking expertise of world-renowned chefs whipping up something for the choosy taste buds. Plus, a new eating experience awaits you in every port, so, if you’re a foodie, cruise vacations will certainly sate your cravings.

5. Satisfaction Guaranteed


Surveys show that customer satisfaction among cruise passengers is high at 90 percent. This is proof that cruising people are amongst the happiest holiday makers. With cruise lines and celebrity cruise ships leveling up, as well as customer service, it’s small wonder that vacationers prefer world cruises for their getaways. Crews plan out variety just to keep each and every passenger entertained.

There are still many more reasons why people would want to sail and see the world. How about you? What’s your reason for going on a cruise? To make the most of your holidays, remember to avail of great cruise deals. Let us help you with that! Bon voyage!

Great Cruise Deals ­- 4 Amazing Freebies On Cruise Ships

Great Cruise Deals – 4 Amazing Freebies On Cruise Ships

Even if most on-deck activities are covered by your ticket price, there are still a few facilities you’ll have to pay for, to enjoy. Hidden fees like souvenir shopping and alcoholic beverages can definitely eat up most of your cruise budget. Our suggestion? Don’t bother.

There are tons of totally-worth-it treats included in the upfront cost of your cruise ticket. Yes, nothing in life is free. That doesn’t necessarily apply to cruises. Great cruise deals always include more than enough freebies to make your vacation totally memorable.

1. Wine and Dine

You can usually get more than three free meals a day, plus snacks, on most cruise ships. Meals in the main restaurant and buffet are generally covered by base fares, with coffee, tea, and non-bottled water included. Some cruise ships will serve the rare free orange juice and milk at breakfast, and others offer shot glasses of wine to sample during gala nights.

Most mainstream ships feature specialty restaurants at an extra fee, and there are some coffee shops that require you to pay a hefty fee for a good cup of coffee. If you want to save money, best to avoid these. The ship’s main restaurant is typically open 24/7, and they do serve a good snack selection in between meals.

2. On-Deck Las Vegas

Dinner-And-A-Show is usually a staple with every cruise ship. Whether it’s a three-day or a week-long cruise, there’s sure to be some form of entertainment during or after dinner. Expect to be blown away by the revue with show-stopping singers and dancers clad in gorgeous costumes against beautifully crafted sets.

If large, loud, and glittery aren’t really your thing, head for the piano bars and jazz lounges on board. These are best for passengers who want to relax to smooth-as-glass music that’s as classy as fine wine. The best thing about cruises is that they also cater to those yearning to be a part of the entertainment. Take advantage of the fee-free offer at karaoke bars, talent shows, and dance clubs.

3. Under The Stars

Have you ever been out on the open sea at night? It’s breathtaking, romantic, and more than a little chilly, perfect for cuddling. Cruises often feature movies every night; on-deck and under the open sky, no less. Cuddle up your loved one as you watch Jack and Rose profess their undying love for the millionth time.

4. Fit And Free On Sea

Most people go on vacations to laze about and lounge around. Nothing wrong with that, but if you’re the active type, that can get old real quick. So, what’s a kinesthetically-amped person like you to do?

Cruise ships have fitness centers, gyms, and pools. Seriously, The amount of fitness equipment on most luxury liners is almost insane. Even the most basic of cruises have more than two gyms and a minimum of three swimming pools. If you’re craving for gym-rat life or you feel like you’ve put on a pound or two (from all those free meals), shrug on your work-out outfit and hit the treadmill.

These are just some of the surcharge-free facilities most cruise ships have to offer. There are also libraries for the bookworms, game centers for the die-hard gamers, and free cabin toiletries for the forgetful packer.

Next time you get the urge to travel and you want to experience a little luxury on-the-go, grab your wallet, your family, and book a cruise online. Avail of holiday packages and group discount rates, and just go. It’s an experience you’ll remember forever.