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Are you calculating the physics on how much brute force, torque vector and the resistance of your boss face could take to knock him or her sense out or just for few minutes rest your ears from her or his uncalled tirades? If you are spinning some physics equations and making them linger. Then you have a problem, a serious one. You are burning out, easily agitated.  

We’ve seen the movies, bosses that are constantly breathing on protagonist neck, stealing her or his God given oxygen, end up face planted on the floor. This is very good in the movies and would merit a lot of laughs. but if you do this, for real in your office, there won’t be any expected laughs, you will hear a thud, a minute of silence, a shriek from the most panicky officemate and a call for a buff guard that is just waiting to get physical with some else.

I assure you, there won’t be any laughs, instead there will be some grunts from you or from somebody else and handcuffs are in order and some legal stuff to face when you’re restored to your former non-belligerent self.

Now if you are feeling like this, about to unleash your wicked right hook, about to show someone what you got from watching all those Bruce Lee movies and UfC bouts, about to rear naked choke someone in your office. Then movies would be prudent to advise you to get some vacation, what a heck! Get a world cruise packages see the world, mingle some eclectic culture try some spicy exotic delicacy and for God sake don’t throw that right punch yet. Think of the cities ported, the myriad of smiles greeting, the flowing conversation made.

There no change that is more dramatic than a change of scene, a change of scene changes someone’s character; changes her or his persona, changes their outlook, their frame of mind.

And like in the movies there different kinds of change that can be summarized generally to good or bad. If you’re in the second circle of hell and down you go to the ninth circle now that’s bad.

Fortunately for you a world cruise package change can be considered by most a heaven change, a god sent. Cruising while being pampered by well mannered attendants… Now that is something to think about, something to spin in your head before you unleash that right hook, before you choke someone with joyous intent. Think and think hard. A view from your cell won’t be lovely as a view from a ship’s stern cruising at Murray River.

With world cruise packages you can view scenic landscapes and islands waiting to be discovered by you. Indulge your senses on the blooming sunrise portside while being serve with your favorite luxurious glass of wine. See some sea creatures like dolphins jumping from under as your ship cuts through the blue serene Tasman sea.

And if you would ask where is the perfect place to cruise; start with Australia, the continent has a lot to offer; Sydney Harbor and it satisfyingly arched Opera House. The great barrier reef along the coast of Queensland, this massive and majestic beauty is home to thousand sea creatures perfect for recreational activities, dive and melt with the underwater colors. The fun wouldn’t run out. More  are to be found at





World Cruise Packages – Giving you Great Cruise Deals for Your Dream Vacation

Statistics says that we will spend almost our entire adult life working. It is normal for workers like us to feel tired or bored with our daily schedules. That is why it is essential to relax and revitalize every now and then, otherwise stress could start dragging your body down the drain.

Spice up your way of taking a vacation. If you are tired of getting jet lags or red eye flights, then a cruise would definitely be worth a try. You can have far more space and comfort while traveling to your desired vacation spot. You’ve heard the cliché it’s not the destination that matter but the journey. That couldn’t be truer than in a world cruise packages. So why sacrifice the quality of the journey when you can have a great time sailing the seas and enjoying the scenery?

Not only is it convenient, you get to spend less too. Great cruise deals are available anywhere on the Internet nowadays.  So that you can get the most out of what you have while minimizing your expenditures. Welcome to, this is a place where you can get access to detailed information about cruise critics, holiday packages and more.

Great cruise deals await you within the webpage. You can read cruise reviews and compare them up to other holiday packages that are available. This way you can save up more money for your trip. Cruise critics are also essential in letting consumers know customer ratings on the cruise ship itself and its amenities.

Not only that, the page also has tips and tricks to take advantage of a world cruise package and make it an absolutely hassle-free and pleasurable one. Also you’ll find things that you are supposed to know while within the cruise ship, safety tips and basically everything else that needs attention. Such information is not only good for first-time vacationers but for people that have more experience travelling on a luxury cruise.

So if you are thinking of hopping on a ship to your dream vacation, take a look around the website and book yourself the perfect package for you and your pockets.

Experience the Excitement and Comfort on Cruise Trips

Cruise trip has always been a pleasurable experience when you travel.

Cruise trip is better than travelling by air or land. Travelling by air you will just have the chance to see the stunning sceneries at bird’s eye view from afar. It would take only little time to see the beautiful horizons when the plane has decreases its altitude to touchdown.  You will just have the chance to see the clouds and the sky, but can’t have a closer look of the other living things up there on air.

Travelling by land you’ll just be seeing some buildings, people and roads but never some fantastic sights. Although you can see some interesting sceneries as you go along your road travel, you will never have the chance to watch breathtaking views.

With cruise trips, you can see beautiful sceneries on the sea.

You can view scenic views of island afar with new scenes waiting to be discovered by your naked eyes. You can indulge in stunning sights of the blue sea looming with the waves that can seldom be seen from a busy city life.

Not only you can view the beautiful blue sea but also the sea creatures jumping from under the sea like dolphins and sharks and more marine life. So the next time you go for a travel, choose by sea.  With all these beautiful things: what better than taking a cruise trip?

So to all the people travelling all over the world, we welcome you here at Here you can read all useful information about cruise trips and cruise packages and discounts.

Just browse the pages and discover new things about cruise travel. For further inquiry about your cruise travel, just go to this page: World Cruise Packages Articles.

Top 5 Relaxing Australian Getaway Sights to Cruise



 Going on a world cruise trip is ideal for families, friends and couples who want to unwind away from the hustle of the city life.

But where is the perfect place to cruise?

The ideal place to cruise is no other than Australia.

A country of lovely scenic views, Australia  is one of the best places to cruise around and go for a sea excursion. Around this beautiful continent are stunning views to go sight-seeing. This is also a better place to view magnificent sceneries while you and your company enjoy the luxurious cruise.

Thankfully, Australian Cruise is a rewarding choice for avid vacationers. There are many itineraries to choose from either you go on a day trip cruise or a night coastline excursions. Aside from that, there’s a lot more an Australian cruise getaways can offer, so, without further ado, here are the Top 5 Relaxing Australian Sights to Cruise:

  • Sydney Harbor

The Sydney Harbor is one of the exotic attractions when cruising around Australia. It presents a delightful satiation to the eyes of the locals and tourists. People with private yacht can also cruise round this harbor.

Special events like weddings, debuts, birthday bash party, and other celebrated celebrations are organized when people opt to go for this kind of cruising holiday. People need not to worry about preparing for a grand occasion in this cruise because they can get event organizers, chefs or caterers to do all these tedious things.

  • The Great Barrier Reef

Along the coast of Queensland, Australia, is the majestic beauty of the Great Barrier Reef. This place is known for world renowned ocean attractions spots, providing people with recreational activities such as diving, snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, and other fun and relaxing water adventures.

The Great Barrier Reef is also perfect for exploring virgin inlets surrounding the place and other deserted coves. The place is very vast to delve into but you’ll see that everything done under this cruise is worth keeping.

  • Murray River

This exquisite sight found in Australia, Murray River is another ideal place to cruise around. Murray River is connected by three water lines through eastern South Australia, Southern New South Wales and northern Victoria. To further explore these places, a good suggestion is the Captain Cook Cruise that offers a variety of Australian river cruise and recreational river activities.

  • Kimberley Region

Kimberley Region offers breathtaking coastline journey; in fact, it is a good choice of cruising when you opt to experience the region while on the expedition. It absolutely allows cruise guests to explore more the region and the wide range of remote places that are difficult to access via the mainland.

  • Tasmania

Tasmania offers a super exhilarating experience to cruise guests. People will likely enjoy as the cruise stops to various ports. For those who go on cruise can also bring along vehicles with them. The mainland has a lot to offer to its guests touring them around the cities such as Hobart, King Island, Lake Country and Flinders Island.

If you, your family and friends are looking for a grand vacation cruise, Australia is the best place to come and unwind.

Enjoy most of your holiday and the memory you make while on board; the cruise will surely be worth keeping.

Enjoy Beyond the Limit For Luxurious World Cruise Packages

A unique vacation with family or special someone brings about an exhilarating one of a kind experience. Anyhow, it all depends on where would the people want to go under the sun and far away from the hustling and buzzling metropolis and maddening crowds. In this latter days, world cruise packages are quite popular that many vacationers go forth to avail for it.

World cruise packages offers great cruise deals.

With this kind of fabulous grand getaway affair, you will surely enjoy magnificent sceneries along the journey and treasure such beautiful memoirs during the vacation. Take a plunge to relax and be idle for quite some time and avail of this luxurious opportunity.

When you plan on taking a world cruise for several months, you need to find and choose a package that is okay to your budget. Most of the world cruise packages deals are offered at discounted prices especially on holiday seasons and they are all-inclusive deals where it offers vivacious entertainment, sumptuous buffet, and indulge yourself for a shopping spree of souvenirs as well as sea excursions while on board on the ship and as it stops to various sea ports from different countries.

World cruise packages mostly covers mediterranean and tropical tours. Italy, Greece, Carribean beaches, African coastlines, Australia, New Zealand as well as some parts in Asia were among the great destinations to go to.

Prices for world cruise packages varies and depends on the cruise shipping lines.

Everything you will find and included in the world cruise packages deals are world class that no one will ever regret to spend on. It features state of the art commodities, recreation and leisure centres which really comprises what a luxurious cruise it is.

Enjoy the pampered and breathtaking experience on most of the beautiful countries when you’re going to book for great cruise deals at very affordable prices. Best advice that we could give for avid travellers is to book early for certain seasons or holidays to go on vacation and you can surely get a discount from the regular prices of various cruise lines.

11 World Cruising Tips for People About to Go on a Cruise

Tip #1:Take Care Of Your Cabin Steward.

One of your best friends on the cruise will be the person that picks up your dirty clothes, hangs up your wet towels, straightens up you messy vanity and turns down your bed every night – your Cabin Steward He, or she, will do an excellent job of making up your cabin twice a day, and sometimes more often if needed. This is the person who will also handle any special requests you have, like if you need an extra pillow. I make it a point to get to know my steward and on the very first day, make sure I tip him (or her) an extra $20. Yes, I know the daily gratuity that gets added to my account does cover the cabin staff, but, make no mistake.

These guys, who do an excellent job anyway, can add a nice extra dimension to your journey. For example, I like to keep my ice buckets full and sometimes I even dedicate my sink or a cooler to holding our beer, which a happy Cabin Steward will keep covered in ice for all day long. My generosity is always understood and rewarded. I’ve been delighted to find extra towels, robes, chocolate hors d’oeuvres and even a bottle of wine. One other point, my favorite way to communicate with my steward (if I don’t bump into him/her in the hallway) is to place a Post-It note on the mirror over the vanity. It always works.

Tip #2: Copies Are A Good Thing

Make copies of all the important travel documents that you take (driver’s license, passport, credit card, etc.) and keep them in a safe place on your person while you are traveling and in your cabin once you get on board. If anything happens, you will have all information you need, and the purser’s office will be better able to help you. While you’re at it, print out the cruise info you expect to use the most (such as directions, phone numbers, etc), on a colored piece of paper. That way it stands out from the various other pieces of paper you’ll have in your cruise documents. Victorinox Travel Organizer from Amazon is ideal to keep you travel documents. This travel document organizer is available in beautiful red and black colors.

Tip #3: Electricity Is A Really Good Thing.

Each cabin has only one electrical outlet, which is located right next to the desk/vanity. And it has only two plugs. If you’re like us and you want to use your computer, charge your camera, listen to music and use a hair dryer while someone is taking a shower… well, you get the picture. Bring a power strip or surge protector. You may also find it useful to bring an 8-ft extension cord, that way, you have electricity anywhere you want it in the cabin.

Tip #4: Prepare Your Stomach.

For about a week before leaving, eat at least one serving of yogurt every day, or take Acidophilus Supplements. It helps to build up the good bacteria that your digestive track needs to deal with any little bugs or impurities that you pick up. Some of the best food you’ll find will be in small local establishments, or even roadside venues.

The chow is really good in these places, and authentically spiced. But, the sanitation requirements in the Caribbean are not the same as in the US. Also, the normal diet for locals is different than what you may be used to. Your stomach may not be used to it all. The yogurt is an easy and effective way to build up your digestive balance and immunity.

Tip #5: Freshen Your Luggage

If your travel time to the ship is more than 24 hours, put fabric softener sheets between your garments to keep everything in your suite case smelling fresh. This is particularly nice with garments or accessories that are not regularly laundered, such as sweaters or jackets.

You may want to cut one in half and place each half in your shoes. You’ll be even more appreciative on your return home, since your luggage will be packed with soiled clothes, some of which may even be damp.

Tip #6: Bring Bungee Cords

Bungee cords are one of the most useful items you can take and for reasons other than you might first think. They are easy to pack, take up virtually no room at all, and can even be useful in keeping your bags lashed together as you maneuver onto the ship. But here’s the really cool part. One thing you’ll find when you get to your cabin is that there are never enough places to hang things – like a shirt, or hat, or camera case. Zippered Hanging Travel Mate Toiletry Kit is also great for travel and gives you an easy way to keep your cosmetics, vitamins, medicine, shaving cream, and toiletries organized!

Most cabins have two or three hooks and that’s about it. While a hook is only big enough to hold one hat or other similar item, it is big enough to hold two or three bungee cords. What’s more, there are lots of places through out the cabin that can accommodate one end of a bungee cord but would never work as a hanging place, such as a lamp or the edge of your mirror. Just hang the bungee cord from any suitable place and – voila! – you have a hook that is sturdy enough to hold anything you’ve got. They also make a great clothesline.

Some bathrooms have a retractable clothes line in the shower, but not all. Your bungee cord can be strung across the opening of your shower, or between a couple of towel bars. Be creative, you’ll find several places that work. And finally, one of the main irritations of being up on the deck when the ship is underway (as is the case with Sea Days) is the 20 knot winds that you have to deal with. When you get up from your seat to hit the bar or take a break, It’s not unusual at all to see a pool towel or shirt or hat go sailing over the edge of the ship. If you have a bungee cord with you, you can easily strap everything to your chair.

Tip #7: Bring Extra Clothes Hangers

There are often not enough clothes hangers in your cabin, and those that are there can be a pain in the butt to use. They’re usually the kind that has a little peg which slips into a metal ring which is permanently attached to the clothes bar in the closet.

So be sure to pack enough extras to handle all of your important hang-up clothes, so you have enough and you don’t have to mess around with the ones in the closet. And speaking of clothes hangers, you can buy INFLATABLE clothes hangers (that’s right, inflatable coat hangers. Who’da thunk it?).

They take up no space at all, are totally easy to inflate and are sturdy enough to hold shirts and coats. They are also great for eliminating those pesky bulges that you get on the shoulders of your shirts. You might need to get a couple of sets so you can keep one set for traveling and use the other in your home closet.

Tip #8: Check With Your Insurance Company (auto and medical)

If something happens and you are required to get any kind of medical treatment while you are cruising, there is a really good chance that you will have to pay for the treatment and get reimbursed later. So, find out before you go if your health insurance will pay for such treatments, and what kind of documentation you’ll need to file a claim with your company. This is one of those times where you may want to inquire into travel insurance, especially if you are traveling with a condition that elevates the risk (such as older travelers, pregnancy, or some other pre-existing condition).

Get very clear information from your company about the documentation you need from the ship or port, because once you leave where the treatment is delivered, there is virtually no chance you will ever get medical records sent to you without hiring an attorney. If you have a pre-existing condition, you’ll get better treatment if you provide the medical staff with your medical history. In the same vein, check your coverage with your auto insurance company.

You may find that you don’t need any additional coverage, which can save you a lot if you decide to rent a car or scooter. Keep in mind, however, many rental companies require you to make good on any damages when you return the vehicle, so if you are using your personal insurance you will have to pay for the damages and get reimbursed. That little fact is one of the major incentives the rental companies use to sell you the insurance. Unfortunately, even though they are blood-suckers for trying to manipulate you, it is often less hassle to go ahead and buy the local insurance. But, get a professional opinion from your agent. Additionally, bringing a Medical Kit like Adventure Medical Kits Smart Travel First Aid Kit is a wise thing to do in case of emergency.

Tip #9: A Can Of Air Freshener

Especially if you are traveling on one of the older ships, it’s a really good idea to pack a can of your favorite air freshener. I prefer the types that kill odors as opposed to those that just scent the air (i.e., Lysol, because it not only deodorizes the room if needed but also sanitizes surfaces). In the small confines of a standard cabin, any unpleasant odor can be stifling and the room ventilation system can take a while work.

Tip #10: Stay Out Of The Steam Baths.

Yes, we know, there isn’t anything quite like the soothing and cleansing feeling of a steam bath to relax you or rid you of the after effects of a late night partying. Even so, we NEVER use public steam baths. This isn’t a knock on any particular cruise line, it’s a knock on public steam baths.

A steam room is the absolute perfect environment for all kinds of airborne germs and bacteria – hot, moist, subdued lighting. Oh yeah, perfect for that little cold bug or other mischievous virus that gets sneezed out of people. STAY AWAY FROM STEAM BATHS!

Tip # 11: Use Porters When You Leave The Terminal.

There are two really good reasons to use porters. They carry your bags, in exchange for which you should tip them about $2 per bag with a minimum of $5. This is especially good if you have several bags and if you have a ways to go to get to your transportation. They have a special desk they go through at Customs and so you don’t have to wait in the line.

That alone is worth $5! Alrighty, gang. That’s all you get here. Check out my resource box for how to get more tips if you’re interested. See ya in the Caribbean. Aaaaaarghh!! Fred Tutwiler is a best-selling author, consultant and speaker whose current passion is to explore the vast, beautiful domains of the Caribbean Check Out the Authors Website

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World Cruise Videos

Top World Cruise Packages and Destinations

A cruise vacation offers a different experience from the traditional inland vacations. There are many great sea destinations you can visit and a lot of classic on-board activities that you will enjoy on the ship. When planning your cruise holiday, make a point of getting a ship going to any of the top world cruise destinations below.

1. Barbados

Barbados has everything you will require in a tropical island. With tropical breezes, hot sun and clean beaches, it is the ultimate gateway for people who need a break from the busy city life. Popular beaches on the island include Gibbs Beach, Batts Rock, Folkestone Park, Paynes Bay among others. Apart from these, there are many historical sites in Bridgetown that will make your vacation memorable.

2. Virgin Islands

These US islands have an unspoiled charm and sophistication and offer fascinating holidays for the whole family. Apart from the white sandy beaches, visitors have a variety of water sports to engage in including wind surfing, swimming, snorkeling, rafting and others. World class accommodations adorn the pristine beaches.

3. French Riviera

This spectacular island on the Mediterranean region has many things to offer. The island has a scenic landscape and is popular with both young and senior travelers. Fun is the order or the day on the island as visitors party, sun bathe or engage in different water sports.

4. Alaska

Alaska is a great getaway for a cruise vacation, just make sure you carry enough warm clothing during your trip. If you are looking for a destination with superb scenery, this is the place to be. There are steep beautiful mountains and great ice capes awaiting you in Alaska. If you can, head to Mt. McKinley, the continent's highest peak, and see how far ahead you can see!

5. Australia/New Zealand

An Australian and New Zealand combination cruise vacation is one you should include in your vacation plans. The two countries have breathtaking natural jewels and you will love the clean beaches as well as the glaciers. Water sports are in plenty, colorful carnivals are frequently held at the beaches and the nightlife is a vibrant one.

6. Cayman Islands

This is the place to see underwater reefs, historical shipwrecks and enjoy soft white sand. The Caymans offer visitors spectacular sites to see, great shopping bargains and elusive Caribbean charm. Whether you love the outdoors or prefer indoor activities, you will love the Cayman Islands.

The above are some of the top cruise destinations in the world. Apart from these, other notable destinations include Hong Kong, Norway, Aruba and the Panama Canal. Find out from your local cruise travel agent the best times to visit any of the above world cruise destinations.

Planning your Cruise Vacation? Get cruise vacation advice and ideas by clicking here,